About Me

My name is Valerie (Baum) Edy and I am a sucker for puppies, red pepper flakes, and anything emblazoned with stars and stripes.

My journey started in Lawrence, Kansas and I didn’t have a clue what I wanted to do with my life, with the exception of living in Colorado. After giving up my six-year-old self’s dream of being a grocery store bagger (SO much to organize!), I moved to Fort Collins, Colorado to major in Journalism and Public Relations at Colorado State University.

After graduation, I moved to Denver and soon realized that I still had a few years of learning and studying left in me. In other words, I thoroughly enjoy being a complete nerd. I was accepted into Daniels College of Business in March of 2011 and graduated with a MBA in August of 2012. I’ve learned that I’m very good at school, and I believe that can be translated into the business world, where I’ll continue to learn (and if I’m very lucky, get paid for it).


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